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Born in Dominica, W.I, the land of 365 rivers, Niarus Walker is a visual artist, art educator and curator. She received a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadephia and an MS in Art Education from Florida State University.


Niarus currently lives and works on St. Croix, USVI, the island of beautiful sandy white beaches and great outdoor adventures. She has been a practicing artist and art educator working on St. Croix on the middle school and high school levels for 25 years.


She has exhibited locally, nationally and Internationally including the United States and Denmark. Her works are primarily in private collections. She has curated a number of exhibitions and has had several solo and group exhibitions over the 25 years.

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"My paintings reflect the transience of life with references to consciousness which encompasses time, memory, experience and identity"

- Niarus


"My work takes on various manifestations from the genre of still-life to figurative paintings and drawings and photographs sculpture which are physical symbols of things that are ethereal such as memories and experiences. Every image is metaphoric and represents the mystery of experience and memories. Memories and experiences are tied to consciousness and identity. Objects that people collect and live experiences become like reliquary and hold memories on which identity is built.


I enjoy the juxtaposition of unrelated and perhaps obscure objects to create new narratives or a retelling of old narratives to form a new perspective. I hope to relate to those deep subconscious thoughts and make the invisible visible.


I work in mixed media, water color, oils, acrylic and drawing media because I find that certain media are better suited to a particular story and the spirit of the idea chooses that medium."

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