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Augustin Kelvin Holder’s professional development was shaped by taking art classes throughout his undergraduate studies at the University of the Virgin Islands, the University of Alaska, and the University of Hawaii. He continued to engage in his art education and theory at the Art Students League of New York, and independent studies at MOMA and The Brooklyn Museum. 

"Painting for me has always been a natural selection. I will share an anecdote…

An instructor provided an exercise, the objective was to paint a flower without using paint. The instructors guided us to use soil to create a brown pigment, chlorophyll to create a green hue, and the natural dyes from flower petals to create secondary colors. This experience allowed me to associate art with freedom of expression."

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Holder's artwork is a juxtaposition of the unconscious and conscious mind. Painting in layers allows him to embrace the freedom that is associated with the Abstract Expressionist Movement. 

The intangible aspect of painting is what drives Holder to create works and the artistic process unfolds naturally when he let his thoughts flow freely. Holder wants his paintings to speak to the viewer long past their initial viewing or introduction.  

Duality #2
Duality #1
The Cock
Native Son
Raising Cane
Moonlight Over Pillsbury Sound
Rue de Santa Maria
The Portal
Remnant of War #2
Remnant of War #1
Rear Window
Mr. Nocturnal
Exit Strategy
Safe House
Epic Journey
Shifting Landscapes
Ritual Bloom
Rhumb Line
New Beginnings
New Horizon
Lava Flow
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